Our Story – the background to “cut to the chase”

You don’t have time to search for that data or read all those reports. Time has always been against us but now we drown in more and more data. Getting to the exciting part, the insight, the evidence, that golden nugget, has never been more important. In the 1920s silent movie audiences were much the same. They didn’t have time for reading lots of dialogue, they wanted action. And so studio executives would often order directors to “cut to the chase”. Get to the bit that people want to see! We feel the same. We want to cut through the jargon, through the distractions, and through the clutter. We want to help you to cut to the chase.

James Turner (JT)

JT - James Turner

Founder and CEO

Hi, I’m James Turner, better known as JT. Welcome to delineate. I started the company after a career in market research and insights spanning over 20 years. I’ve seen clients become more and more frustrated with slow and costly work that gives them too little, too late. delineate is different. We are a group of consultants with a diverse set of experiences who love solving problems. We look forward to working with you and helping your business cut to the chase. JT


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