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You probably don’t have time to read all this. You probably don’t have much time at all. We get it. That’s why we created delineate, an insights agency that thinks differently about what marketing and communications teams need.

As you’d expect, our results are built on solid research and sound data. What makes us different is that we also understand the pressures you face. We’ve been there. That’s why we get to the heart of the issue. We cut to the chase.

We’re specialists in the key areas of insights, content and analytics, so we’re up to the challenge of a tricky problem. No matter how complex your brief, our experience and approach provides solutions in three simple steps: define, design, deliver.

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How we help



Understanding what makes your audience tick, or where to target that ever-decreasing marketing budget can be confusing. With authentic audience insights we can eliminate the guesswork for you, allowing you to focus on creating brilliant, award winning work.



How often have you seen content that’s based purely on someone’s opinion, or is a regurgitation of an old story? Cutting edge content comes from contemporary and fresh research. Whether its  killer stats or a full thought leadership piece, we create content to be quoted and shared.



Sometimes you know in your gut that you’ve nailed a brief … but then that little voice in your head starts to question your judgment. That’s where our robust measurement and analytics help, to prove the power of your message or campaign before you make those important (and expensive) commitments.

How we work



You need someone to listen. Really listen. A good ear is the only way to fully understand the challenge you’re facing. And a good question will cut straight to the core of the issue.



Your needs are unique. We may all face similar challenges but the outcome is specific to you and your brand. We’ll find the appropriate solution for you quickly, allowing you to keep pace with the rate of change.



You need the answer yesterday, straightforward and easy to follow. We work fast to deliver results that enable you to make the right decision and take action. Oh, and we’ll communicate it in a way that makes sense – not buried behind jargon and methodology.

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